The moon and Me

How beautiful you are today… and I see you everyday….

I search for you lovely moon in the sky.

Your beauty impressed me since I was a child, I was attracted by your mystery.princesaenlaluna

You are wonderful, majestic, the light of the night.

The star’s mother, the sky’s Queen… a someone’s secret dream…..

I feel my days, my nights flowing to your rhythm.

You make the effect in the changes of the sea, the waves,

in my feelings, in my body, in myself.

It is a magnetic energy…

as when we are high all the emotions and feelings are floating in the sky,

if we are down, we are so peaceful and relaxed.

Why did you choose myself? I feel how you affect every day of my life…

Am I a Queen as you are? … am I the light? Am I a mystery of life?

The moon and me…. the secret experience of my life.

I love, I accept and I respect all the effects i can feel….

Remember my love when the moon brights…

she want to be cherished,  hugged and admired.

Suddenly she disappears. … nobody can see her… but she is totally there..

.just  give her  the time that she requires

soon you will see, how she brights in life…!!!!

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