The conquerors

When we speak of conquerors, we recognize those heroes who in the past came to new lands, to discovered them and thus expanded their territories.
We can also understand about conquerors, as those seducers lovers who left several loves in each port. horse&beach

But being a conqueror is actually something we all want to be, a good thing, is to be a winner. It is a conviction of life.

We must recognize what our main goals are, and let your self move into action by those positive inspiring goals. These we can understand clearly with the example of the Spanish conquerors in America.

Those characters who travelled with the aim of stealing gold, eliminated the native culture buildings ( negative)

Or those characters that had the same travel out to discover new lands, expand their horizons, and provide new knowledge in the new lands. ( positive)

I personally admire the legacy of our conquerors, as a true conqueror is the one who manages to win something with effort, using their talents and successfully overcoming difficulties.

We all should be motivated to recognize our inner conqueror, and in this way, leave a valuable legacy to our future generations.

I propose to consider the following principles for recognizing the conqueror in you:

– Supreme Energy Trust and have faith
– Combative spirit,
– Integrity,
– Renewal of the mind,
– Renewal of the spirit,
– Leave the past behind and overcome situations,
– You have the spirit of service, share and distribute

Let’s open the doors of the heart to let our inner conqueror take action !

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