The story of the dolphin and the Penguin

A penguin and a Dolphin were chatting together

they didn’t realize how different they are, and complementary at the same time.

The Dolphin said to the penguin: Hey !!!! Lets swim together !!!.DOLPHJINPINGUIN

The penguin rounded around…. he didnt really decided to jump and swim.

The dolphin asked?…. Do you have doubts? ….

When is the right time for you to take the decision?…..


The Penguin answered: It is wise to act cautious before diving extreme, always counting with great tools: Carefulness, patience and perseverance.

 Using this tools you will never cause self pain or pain to others unwillingly.

The Dolphin admired the wisdom of the Penguin, and he continued jumping happy,

 joyful, tenacious, playful and dynamic.


After a while, the Dolphin met other dolphins and they were swimming together.

 The penguin saw them and thought…

 Those fast living, intelligent, loving dolphins are a powerful energy.

 They offer freely positive energy to everyone, with joyfulness.

 They are respected in the sea by the other animals, even feared by the sharks, and at the same time, with nobility and complicity that can sustain a friendship with human beings.


 The self discovery is a long way to walk. We have to be open to see, to live, to feel, and learning the qualities of others which can be a great tool to implement in your life.


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