Lovely Honey Eyes

You said that it is always important to speak,
and now you just decide to escape
I’ve been always sincere,
Let me explain it to you, lovely honey eyes,
She was who kissed me, it was not me who kissed her lips
That kiss was a revelation for me,
made me know that you are the only one who count for me.
After you, there is nobody else in my life who counts.
Every place I go, I just turn around like a crazy guy,
I try to find you and I think I see you in every person,
And in every place I step, I just want to find you.

I’ve been always sincere
Let me explain it to you, lovely honey eyes
All the people make mistakes,
I know I made it, and I regret,
Please forgive me, I love you it’s true

Baby, I regret all the pain you got from me
I understand you can ‘t do, just like nothing happened
I know I hurt you, but please, trust me,
I break my head for you, I think every time of you, oh my beautiful,
I give all for you, lovely honey eyes

I’ve been always sincere
let me explain it to you, lovely honey eyes
maybe you feel that I do not give
but of one thing you can be sure,
and it is that I love you , I desire the best for you
All the beautiful things in life for you

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