My dear love

My dear Love is always close to me, in good and bad, I am there with him. He is there for me.

My dear love  motivates me, to discover the world and go further,
when I think I’m lost, he is there  close to me, and I am bach on earth.
He has more value than gold, he’s like a precious stone,
irreplaceable,cause he makes me feel special being by my side,
but I continue being myself when he is not there.

We don’t stop each other. We support each other to fly and grow.
He makes me feel protected, It’s like I’m standing over hard stone.

I am his complice, his friend. I am the tenderness he need to feel welcome at home.

He is a generous provider, the man who cares about details and surprises,
He makes me feel I am his woman. and I feel grateful and loving with him.
I feel comfortable in my dear love’s arms,
I can relax when I am happy or sad, cheerful, or wan to be cherished as a cat.

If I feel bad and guilty, his arms offer me comfort.
He gives me warmth.
He does not ask anything back, but I want to give him everything from me,
and still I continue being myself.
And when I do all for my DEAR LOVE,
I feel good, better than all and he feels also better than what he already is.

My dear love’s arms make me feel clean, comfortable, and supported
I can fly, no jealousy or malice, We can be and grow, offering each other love and comfort.

And I know that my place is next to MY DEAR LOVE,
It is where I always come back, it is where I want to be.

I let him fly and he let me fly and try different flavours, textures, colours,
feelings of bitterness and honey.

From the beginning, he was interested to know  who I am,
With his calm gaze, and his active moves, he helped me remove my fearless.
I let myself fly, and he motivates  me full time.
My dear love protects me when I go and when I return,
with his security and comfort.

All this feelings are sincere, this is real, this is truth.
I can sleep. No danger. in my dear love’s arms