great and easy tips to put flavor in your life !!!!

Sometimes I feel sad. Sometimes insecure, Sometimes I feel I am in prission or surrounded by four wall. is the answer to return? to go back to my old features?

Maybe the answer is to continue in the adventure of discovering myself, going deep into it, take it serious as it is.

Cause life can be so beautiful if we become to put the flavor, no body can do it for us, it is you who has to decide, and wy not, to help to find the way, try to experiment and  discover your sensations with the:

1. Dance, Discover your body moves, enjoy your body, your body is the special gift that God gave you. Use your body moves to discover you and use it as an instrument to enjoy the goodness of life.

2. Sing Because singing brings all feelings in your heart and liberates your mind. When you sing and breath you will feel free and light.

3. Give you the chance to experience Let you the opportunity to try new experiences, what you like and what you dislike, also what you are afraid to do, do not be shai, don’t be afraid, let yourself come out.

4. Be Spiritual Believe in a Superior Person, God, a superior Energy than you, ask help, ask to fulfill yourself with love. strenght, kindness, faith, and peace.

5. Spoil yourself
Give a present to yourself. something special,something that you like, you deserve it. Sometimes we have the feeling that buying things  is unnecessary,but in fact, beeing able to give to you something that you like motivates you, and helps your selfsteem. Why do to spoil yourself with the perfum you like? or maybe the trip that you were dreaming long time ago?, a CD of your favorite singer? Try it and you will see….

6. Dress up and Make up ….
Not only for a party or to meet somebody, but really for yourself. Feel beautiful, even at home,

7. Make a date with a girlfriend: go for shopping, or drink a coffee together in a nice place,  go to a dancing place. enjoy with your girlfriend a nice moment together.

8. Help the others: Do not be egoistic and waitting that others do always things for you.  Take inicitative, do something for other people, somebody around you need you a lot.  Check around, Realize and do it. help somebody, will make yur spirt feel healthy, light.

9. Kiss and hug the children, hug them and play with them, that will bring tenderness in your spirit and caring feelings.

10. BE CREATIVE. Paint, draw, cook, do ceramics, play with daught , make jewelry, just search an activity that you like to bring creativity in all aspects of your life. Bring colors in your life.

11. Travel: Traveling is a wonderful wayto be in contact with other cultures, other traditions, other world. Traveling helps you to know much more about your own reactions in a different ambiance. Getting in cotact with other people that you never imagine give yu a special sensation as well.