Your best friend is yourself — Tu mejor amiga eres tu mismo

My whole life I’ve hear that we have to find the perfect ONE.
and I was always searching and expecting for him, I wanted that person in my life, next to me !!!!

And in the first encounter or the first view I thought ,
GREAT, I found the person, THE PERFECT ONE and then with the passing of the days I began to see his/her habits, modals, hobbies, and passions, how he wears, how he behaves, his attitudes and much more, and it was disappointing, the it was right there when I thought,… is this person my perfect one????
That means that we begin to see what the others are missing,
instead of seeing us.

Then I began to see how important is to meet myself. Really begin the magical trip to discover who I am, what I want and where I go.
After many high moments and also many falls, I begin to accept myself and just then I knew and understood that the PERFECT ONE for me is myself. and the perfect one for you, is yourself…

Why is it like that??? Just because in the moment when you get to know yourself, then you have in yourself your best friend. because just then you can accept yourself, how you are, and you can accept the others.
You have to be in love with you before being in love with another person. Because when you love yourself, you can give love to the others and receive love back.

I didn’t knew how important and powerful I could be, If I really know myself and arrive to the point to think that I am the perfect one for me. and then who I am and what I want and where I go.

So it is important to understand, that when you get to know yourself, then you met your best friend. the perfect one for you.

This Discovering is so important, cause you learn to live the daily experiences and select all those which fulfill your heart.

Begin to accept the people you meet, exactly as they are. All we are special, and you will learn to share your qualities and receive their qualities.

We have to realize that we have the happiness in our hands, just by accepting yourself, AS YOUR BEST FRIEND.

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