Experience of the dessert

Coming from the middle of the world, jungle,beach, mountains, an inspiring nature.

Today I open my eyes and I find myself in the dessert.

What a clean and safe environment it appears to be to me.

My spirit feels sublime, and a variety of sensations coming up to the surface of my skin.

I am amazed to see almost no women around, mostly i see around men, behaving with strict values and generous hearts.

Funny, I feel myself joyful, i like this culture, the sun, the dessert, the spices, the food and the gentleness of people around.

While being at the Oasis, it`s amazing to discover such a green fresh place surrounded by the toasted orange color of the sand.

Every body behaves  gentile, official and kind. I feel at home.

Morning sunrise, the wind touches softly my face, and far away i see the sun, and those images…. is that water??? is that sand?  is it real?

Black horses and camels ride far away. Riding on the camel, feeling all my fears.  There`s a voice telling me:  when you are ready to overcross yur fears, you`ll succeed!!!!

The dessert talks to me …. and the orange sunset tells me that this experience will last in my heart for the rest of my life.

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