Paternal figure

You want to educate me, you want to guide my life !
when I met you, I just had in mind a boyfriend, not a boss.
And I am sure, you know many things, I admire you for that.
But the fact that you want to educate me, I can not survive.

A paternal figure,Is that what, you try to be for me?
but that is not what I want, because a father, I already have one.
You try to teach me to be independent,
and I am feeling more independent of you, and increasingly far of you.

Can’t you see? the little girl already grew up.
She is a woman with fire, who chooses for her life.
And life is about choices
and I choose to be loved exactly as I am ,
cause I am willing to love fully time the love of my life.
I want a love, a lover, a friend in one man,

that one who accept me as I am.

A passionate woman, with the vision into action.

My Patience for this love, it’s already gone….
Well, you know, I do not like a politician who just talk,
and also, I do not want a parent educator,
I just want to make the eternal flame between two, just LIVE,
and live, is to discover, create and share moments for two.

Do not try to dominate me, trying to bock my freedom to express and walk by myself
I’m an open wings dove willing to fly to freedom.
and I just give my heart, when I do not feel the danger,
of somebody trying to  change the way I am.

Educating me in your own way, things don work like that.
because real love is simply , accepting the other and its own way,
with virtues and defects, just accepting him or her, even the dress.
When you try to tie me, you only manage to choke me

Too sexy, too sensitive or too emotional,?
Please baby, just let me live my life.

You would like me to think rationally,
with all your laws of economics and mathematics, and the laws that dictate the family.
Never got , I really preferred anatomy, astronomy might be also philosophy.
under the stars and the moon, two hot bodies exhausted of love.

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