The message of life

Become the light you are


In the wonderful trip of life,

when you began, you were  behind the wall,

in the desert and surrounded by dust, an unclear image.

Step by step, you discovered you could fly,flying over mountains and seas,
shyly, with vertigo, but you managed to win, you were aware that you could fly.

Then you understood, that you have  lived as a girl dragged by a car, with an open door,

running at full speed snakes roads,

kicking up dust and hitting your head against the floor.

As you did not know any better, you just smiled to life.
And so life helps, if you trust and if you have faith and pride.

Finally, you got it !!!

You were flying over mountains and over the seas.

Being carried, being transported, life Helps.

Always trust and  have faith.

And then you found yourself on a boat trip in the middle of the sea,

being able to see the white building face to face.

So beautiful, majestic, clean, clear and huge.

You could discover the new building !! you were transported until there.

Transported, life helps,  just trust with faith.

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