Are you running in life? stop, breath, observe and walk

This morning, as every morning, I went to do my daily sport, with my dog Woofy,
I stopped to walk and to see the people running in the park.
I thought maybe we are all here with one goal, keep the body and spirit healthy.
But I also felt that people generally go through life that way, running, we want to live fast, run, reach the goal we set, and sometimes simply, we are not aware of the opportunities that are on the sides.

And then I thought that it is necessary to take the time to walk in life, take a breath, and look where we are and where we are going.
It is not running, but, walking slowly, when we can see the opportunities that are on the sides, which can be short-cuts to reach our goal, or perhaps turbulence, which will give us experience.

As we walked Woofy and I, there were bikes and an athlete that crossed our way. Woffy, with its playful nature, broke loose, ran behind the bike, I forced myself to stop my way to hold back my dear friend, and get him back on track.

And I realized that sometimes unexpected things happen in life, not necessarily caused by ourselves, but when we have something in mind, it depends just on us, on our own efforts, and our actions to get where we want, the right pad. It is not the obligation of the effort of other people. It is just giving the best of yourself, how you continue following your pad.

As I continued walking, holding the rope of my dog Woofy, I enjoyed very much to see how he lives, and walk the way, he is not afraid. He just enjoyed the landscapes, the plants, the lagoon and the ducks, he is so playful with the pebbles of the road.
He jumps and he runs, he is feeling free, surfacing their curious nature.

He just do not think where we’re going to arrive and when are we arriving. He just enjoy the way. He follows me so happy and with closed eyes of confidence, but at the same time with eyes open to enjoy all around him.

And in the other side, Me, I already knew where I wanted to arrive. I was just thinking the searching for the best way, and for sure holding my friend Woofy in his walk in the park.
It makes me think this is like God with us.
I represent God, Woofy represents the people, and the rope, represents the strength, the energy and love of God that sustains us.
He knows where he leads us. He always protect us on the way, if we slip or stumbling, he holds us, God never abandons us.

He already has the plan of or lives and he guided us during the route that we have to go.
Sometimes we are distracted, playing, but if we trust in his love, and have faith, then everything is fine.
With eyes closed, I trust in God. With open eyes I’m on my way to see, to learn, to follow.

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