Schedules, dates, meetings and calendars…

And I just want to run away !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything so perfect, everything so well set… and I just want to run away.

A life that is perfectly designed, all the same for everybody… and I just want to run away ……

And I prefer to  design and paint my life, so spontaneous  as I decide…..


Actually I changed my address, and I am now experiencing the life in another country of the first world.
Here, I have to follow the system of making dates for meeting people in business or family or friends.
This is a law.

People here follow the system to organize their lives. They feel comfortable and secure in this way.

But it makes me feel, I do not have the control of my own decisions, I get much more the feeling that my life is controlled by something  and apart of my feelings and my desires.

It can be that I was used to feel free to visit the family when I felt to, without making appointments,  just by jumping by their places.
Also simple things such us going to the doctor or going to swim, it was possible to do it just when you wanted without planning in advanced.

Being spontaneous, or having a well designed life, can be stressful or really distressful depending on your own perspective of looking at your life, and if you are in the correct country where your preferences can be well adapted to the culture.

Might be, that the god way is an adaptation of an spontaneous way in private life, and more organization in professional life.

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