Better Man – Robbie Williams

I trust God, God lives inside me.

I trust me, I live in God.
God is Love… I am love ….. I intend to attract love into my life
God is Goodness …. I am goodness….. I intend to attract goodness into my life
God is Peace …. I am Peace…. I intend to attract peace into my life
God is Abundance …. I am abundance…. I intend to attract abundance into my life
God is in Me….. I am in God….like the crystalline waters merge in the ocean
I am connected to God…. God is my source
Thanks God …. I TRUST

I am perfect in God’s eyes
I see myself attractive  and good, cause I want to feel good.
Unlimited abundance into my life
My energy system focuses in what I love from myself, my children,
my partner and all those around me. Amén

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