Say It’s me, it’s my own way

Sleep Tight – Ricky Martin

Life is all about sensations,
life is all about momentos;
Life is following the way you decide to draw .
And Yeah !  feel free,  feel free…. Yeah feel free, to walk my pad, …
It’s the soul who expresses through the body,
It’s  your  inside, who wants to flow now.
just want to flow, just to be yourself…
Who I am, Who I am ???
Great question ahhh !!! yeaHH, …. Your inner child
and say, It’s me…. IT’S my own way

Always thinking … Que dirán..
No, it does not work like that ….
Cause speaking friendly is fine, but saying what you feel inside…. is high !
Just be yourself… be yourself
and say, IT’S ME, IT’S MY OWN WAY

Am I feeling sensual? or maybe intellectual?
It depends on the day? it depends on the moon?
Using the calendar?… following the agenda?…
And I’m feeling sexy?.. and then I’m feeling quiet?
Just do what you feel, even if it is scream,
and say, It’s me, it’s my own way

Your own  style is letting flow , all that, what you feel inside
Sometimes the others wouldn’t like it,
but still it’s yourself
Day is white , night is dark. Everything is perfectly set,
Then say, if it’s me..if it’s my own way

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