I have so many people around me,
but I feel such a loneliness in my heart.
every time I miss you,
You came, suddenly in my life and in my mind.
now all the people and all around is nothing
if you are not here, next to me.
I have the sea, I have the sand,
lovely landscapes and party time,
But inside me it feels empty,
wishing to be forever by your side.

I miss you, my dear love,
All I want is having another opportunity
to hug you and kiss you, to feel you close to  me,
skin by skin, I love you my darling.
And even if it is only one more time,
I want you with the strength of hundred times
I search you in all around me
see your face in every place, all reminds me the times together
I cant be so long apart of you
I want to be your happiness
the woman who cares your dream
staying close to you, also in your thoughts.

I want to be close to you,
and be able to tell you what I feel, which is all for you.
I am ready to leave my whole world,
just to be with you, wake up next to you.
kissing you in the morning and telling you I LOVE YOU

I want to feel a special woman in your arms,
loving each other every time,

when you hugh me and you touch me so sensual,
so strong, Caress me, my man.

My love, are you able to understand?
all the feelings you awake in me,
I love all from you
your sensual and innocent smile,
your eyes that look at me with desire
and the warmth of your body, is the vitamin that maintains me alive.

Your best friend is yourself — Tu mejor amiga eres tu mismo

My whole life I’ve hear that we have to find the perfect ONE.
and I was always searching and expecting for him, I wanted that person in my life, next to me !!!!

And in the first encounter or the first view I thought ,
GREAT, I found the person, THE PERFECT ONE and then with the passing of the days I began to see his/her habits, modals, hobbies, and passions, how he wears, how he behaves, his attitudes and much more, and it was disappointing, the it was right there when I thought,… is this person my perfect one????
That means that we begin to see what the others are missing,
instead of seeing us.

Then I began to see how important is to meet myself. Really begin the magical trip to discover who I am, what I want and where I go.
After many high moments and also many falls, I begin to accept myself and just then I knew and understood that the PERFECT ONE for me is myself. and the perfect one for you, is yourself…

Why is it like that??? Just because in the moment when you get to know yourself, then you have in yourself your best friend. because just then you can accept yourself, how you are, and you can accept the others.
You have to be in love with you before being in love with another person. Because when you love yourself, you can give love to the others and receive love back.

I didn’t knew how important and powerful I could be, If I really know myself and arrive to the point to think that I am the perfect one for me. and then who I am and what I want and where I go.

So it is important to understand, that when you get to know yourself, then you met your best friend. the perfect one for you.

This Discovering is so important, cause you learn to live the daily experiences and select all those which fulfill your heart.

Begin to accept the people you meet, exactly as they are. All we are special, and you will learn to share your qualities and receive their qualities.

We have to realize that we have the happiness in our hands, just by accepting yourself, AS YOUR BEST FRIEND.

Te quiero junto a mí

Y te lo digo siempre que ya todo acabó
Pero lo que siento no es igual,
Los celos de manera general
No resisto pensar que otros labios te puedan besar
y que otros brazos te den el calor
que los mios te quieren dar.

Tu mi amor, mi gran amor,
Me haces falta cada día mas,
que tus manos me acaricien,
que tus labios saboreen mi piel,
tocarte y sentir tu calor,
Hasta el final, te amo,
Tu mi amor, mi gran amor.

Necesito que estes aquí junto amí,
para darme la seguridad
de que eres mío y yo soy tuya
un gran amor hasta el final.

Siempre a ti, quiero darte todo de mí,
quiero recibirlo todo de tí,
te amo tanto, te siento parte de mí.

Y se que te ofendí
talvez no encontré las palabras para hacerte sentir,
lo necesario que eres para mi,
Pero con estas palabras del corazón,
te digo de verdad, TE AMO, mi gran amor

Solo tu eres quien hace hervir mi piel,
y nuestros cuerpos juntos, ebullen de pasión
te amo, te amo mi amor,

Ya no se que es correcto, que esta mal.
pero se que escapar de este mundo es mi ideal,
para siempre contigo estar,
y sentir que juntos construimos,
un mundo de amor y de pasión, ideal para los dos

realizando nuestros sueños, y caminando juntos de la mano, mi amor.

Nadie puede romper este amor, esta sensación
de ser tuya de cabeza a pies
desde el alma hasta la piel

The tunnel in the mind – El tunel en la mente

Couldn’t see the light,
the tunnel in the mind, feeling desperate and alone,
I took my bicycle and so fast as I could I biked around,
running away from the world.

Day of the deepest sadness in my life, being in the never ending tunnel,
just wanted to see the exit and the light.

What should you do? well I jumped in the lagoon.
oh brother you can’t imagine, the sensation of being trapped
like being in the remolin in the middle of the sea.
I felt cold, Gray winter morning,
cold water, cold day.
Oh ! God so cold sensation, My senses were reacting.
Wanted to swim and swim , feeling again connected.

I felt safe in the sand and I felt asleep, tears were coming from my eyes.
Oh God, who can understand this feeling inside my heart.
I decided to call the closest person of my life,
crying asking help, screaming, please come for me.
I heard the voice saying :of course I will help you dear girl
7h30 after work.

I felt lonely , I felt sad, but that was what helped me to realize,
that true strength is from God. inside yourself
You are strong, it is your life, you can see the light.

Your own happiness i\s not in others , it is inside you.


No podía  ver la luz,
el túnel en la mente, sintiéndome desesperada y sola,
Tomé mi bici y tan rápido como pude viajé en bicicleta alrededor,
huyendo del mundo.

Día de la más profunda tristeza en mi vida, estar en el túnel sin fin,
Sólo quería ver la salida y la luz.

¿Qué debe hacer? así me lancé en la laguna.
oh hermano no te puedes imaginar, la sensación de estar atrapado
como estar en el remolino en el medio del mar.
Sentí frío, gris mañana de invierno,
¡Oh! Dios con esta sensación helada del agua en mi cuerpo,

mis sentidos empezaron a reaccionar,

despertar del mundo de los pensamientos,

Quería nadar y nadar, conectada en el mundo otra vez.

Me sentía a salvo en la arena y caí dormido, las lágrimas salían de mis ojos.
Oh Dios, quien puede entender este sentimiento dentro de mi corazón?
Decidí llamar a la persona más cercana de mi vida,
llorando pidiendo ayuda, gritando, por favor venga por mí.
Oí la voz diciendo: por supuesto que yo te ayudaré querida niña
7h30 después del trabajo.

Me sentía solo, me sentí triste, pero esos momentos grises,

son precisos para saber, que la fuerza viene de Dios y esta en tu interior.

Tu puedes ver la luz, tu propia felicidad esta en tí