My lovely living dolls

Eres Mi luz

My lovely Living dolls, breathing in the sea,
sublime light that bright my life.
I see you there
enjoying the water and the air
I feel love inside,peace around,
there is nobody who can change, this is life.
Happiness is the way, I begin to realize
when I see you living dolls
I just can give thanks to God,
it is the desire of life that you came through me
I feel gifted with your presence,

like two flowers that perfume  my garden, God blesses you forever.

Mis adorables muñecas vivientes,
respirando el aire del mar,
sublime luz que ilumina mi vida,
Las miro allí, disfrutando el agua y el aire
siento amor y paz alrededor.
Nadie lo podrá cambiar, esto es vida para mí.
La felicidad es el camino, empiezo a comprender,
cuando veo a mis muñecas vivientes,
Solo puedo agradecer a Dios,
Fue el deseo de la vida, que vengan al mundo a través de mí,
para alegrar  mi jardín, mis flores de amor,

perfumando la vida con su alegria. Dios le de siempre la bendición.

Thank You

Thank you….
Thank you angel of love for coming into my life,
you help me to see, how valuable I am.
Thank you for opening  my eyes,
because now i can see how much I can give, free heart.
Without expectations, I can give  my life,
so thanks, now i can see , free heart.

Angel of kindness you can give it all,
But you came in my life, to opening my eyes,
Angel of life, you help me to see how valuable I am, free heart.

thank you for opening my eyes….