No matter what your mission is, go for it and share …

Since we begin to live, we begin to learn
We go to school, and learn the basic things to behave,
The basic things to live in the society and in the world.
Daily experience come to us, sometimes we dare,
sometimes not, and we we let them go.
With the experiences that make us feel OK, we profound.
People around do not understand, it’s you who finds the mission and go deep on it.

There are some who go for the spiritual, and they take the experiences to learn to give,
living very basic, subliming the spirit then they feel good.
People around do not understand. They just say, oh those dirty crazy who do not know how to live.

There are some others who go for material and money. They get experiences which let them learn and be closer to luxury, money and gold, That makes them feel good.
People around do not understand, they just say, materialistic, egoistic people.

There are some others who go for love, and get the experiences to get love, more and more love in life.
People around do not understand, they just say, Oh he/she is a flirty whore.

There are also those who search deepness is logic and numbers, and people around do not understand , they say oh he/she is a four eyes nerd.

And so, we can go on mentioning the infinite missions, everybody has a different mission in life, recognizing it, and getting the experiences is very important, to get stronger on the theme.
No matter what people around says, about your mission, if you feel inside that everything is all right.
Recognize your mission, get along with it by living and getting so many experiences as you can. It will arrive the moment when you feel «I AM READY»and at that point is when you BEGIN TO ACT. All what you have learned, share with the people around you, and help the society to live and share in the world,


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