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The story of the dolphin and the Penguin

  • Posted on octubre 9, 2013 at 3:29 am

A penguin and a Dolphin were chatting together

they didn’t realize how different they are, and complementary at the same time.

The Dolphin said to the penguin: Hey !!!! Lets swim together !!!.DOLPHJINPINGUIN

The penguin rounded around…. he didnt really decided to jump and swim.

The dolphin asked?…. Do you have doubts? ….

When is the right time for you to take the decision?…..


The Penguin answered: It is wise to act cautious before diving extreme, always counting with great tools: Carefulness, patience and perseverance.

 Using this tools you will never cause self pain or pain to others unwillingly.

The Dolphin admired the wisdom of the Penguin, and he continued jumping happy,

 joyful, tenacious, playful and dynamic.


After a while, the Dolphin met other dolphins and they were swimming together.

 The penguin saw them and thought…

 Those fast living, intelligent, loving dolphins are a powerful energy.

 They offer freely positive energy to everyone, with joyfulness.

 They are respected in the sea by the other animals, even feared by the sharks, and at the same time, with nobility and complicity that can sustain a friendship with human beings.


 The self discovery is a long way to walk. We have to be open to see, to live, to feel, and learning the qualities of others which can be a great tool to implement in your life.


The moon and Me

  • Posted on agosto 9, 2013 at 4:26 am

How beautiful you are today… and I see you everyday….

I search for you lovely moon in the sky.

Your beauty impressed me since I was a child, I was attracted by your mystery.princesaenlaluna

You are wonderful, majestic, the light of the night.

The star’s mother, the sky’s Queen… a someone’s secret dream…..

I feel my days, my nights flowing to your rhythm.

You make the effect in the changes of the sea, the waves,

in my feelings, in my body, in myself.

It is a magnetic energy…

as when we are high all the emotions and feelings are floating in the sky,

if we are down, we are so peaceful and relaxed.

Why did you choose myself? I feel how you affect every day of my life…

Am I a Queen as you are? … am I the light? Am I a mystery of life?

The moon and me…. the secret experience of my life.

I love, I accept and I respect all the effects i can feel….

Remember my love when the moon brights…

she want to be cherished,  hugged and admired.

Suddenly she disappears. … nobody can see her… but she is totally there..

.just  give her  the time that she requires

soon you will see, how she brights in life…!!!!

The conquerors

  • Posted on julio 16, 2013 at 11:37 am

When we speak of conquerors, we recognize those heroes who in the past came to new lands, to discovered them and thus expanded their territories.
We can also understand about conquerors, as those seducers lovers who left several loves in each port. horse&beach

But being a conqueror is actually something we all want to be, a good thing, is to be a winner. It is a conviction of life.

We must recognize what our main goals are, and let your self move into action by those positive inspiring goals. These we can understand clearly with the example of the Spanish conquerors in America.

Those characters who travelled with the aim of stealing gold, eliminated the native culture buildings ( negative)

Or those characters that had the same travel out to discover new lands, expand their horizons, and provide new knowledge in the new lands. ( positive)

I personally admire the legacy of our conquerors, as a true conqueror is the one who manages to win something with effort, using their talents and successfully overcoming difficulties.

We all should be motivated to recognize our inner conqueror, and in this way, leave a valuable legacy to our future generations.

I propose to consider the following principles for recognizing the conqueror in you:

– Supreme Energy Trust and have faith
– Combative spirit,
– Integrity,
– Renewal of the mind,
– Renewal of the spirit,
– Leave the past behind and overcome situations,
– You have the spirit of service, share and distribute

Let’s open the doors of the heart to let our inner conqueror take action !

Los conquistadores

  • Posted on julio 16, 2013 at 11:25 am

Cuando hablamos de conquistadores, reconocemos a aquellos héroes que en el pasado llegaron a nuevas tierras las descubrieron y se apoderaron de ellas y de esta manera agrandaron sus territorios.

También podemos comprender conquistadores a aquellos enamoradores o seductores que dejan varios amores en cada puerto.thewaterfall


En realidad ser conquistador es algo positivo, es mejor que ser un ganador. Es una convicción de vida.

Debemos reconocer cuales son nuestros objetivos principales pues claramoente podemos comprender con el ejemplo de los conquistadores españoles en américa.

Aquellos personajes que viajaron con el objetivo de robar el oro, eliminado a los nativos, la cultura, las edificaciones.


O aquellos personajes que en los mismos viajes tenia como objetivo descubrir nuevas tierras, ampliar sus horizontes, e impartir los nuevos conocimientos en las nuevas tierras.

Yo personalmente admiro el legado de nuestros conquistadores, pues un verdadero conquistador es aquel que logra ganar algo con esfuerzo, utilizando sus talentos y venciendo las dificultades con éxito.

Y creo que todos debemos reconocernos conquistadores para dejar un legado valioso a nuestras futuras generaciones.

Yo propongo estudiar las siguientes principios para reconocer el conquistador en tí:

– Confiar en la Energía Suprema y tener fé

– Espíritu combativo,

– Integridad,

– Renovación de la mente,

– Renovación del espiritu,

– Dejar el pasado atrás y saber reponerse,

– Tienes el espíritu de servicio, compartir y repartir


ábrete la puerta a tí mismo y deja actuar el conquistador que hay en tí.




  • Posted on mayo 1, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Realidad o sueño?

Amando el blanco y negro,

Es acaso día y noche? …

Piel y cabello?…. camisa y pantalón?….


Si los sueños son en blanco y negro,

de donde salió todo ese color?

El color de las sonrisas….

gatoy el color de aquella flor….


Esa ventana abierta,

y el ruido que entra de la ciudad.

Tienes ese detalle que hace

que descanse con tranquilidad.


En los brazos más cálidos, más tiernos,

me comienzo a acostumbrar

las caricias de Morfeo, que me ayudan a soñar.

Son dos mundos paralelos.

Sueño y realidad…. Realidad y sueño….

Es acaso uno mismo?

Cada uno un despertar.



A city by day or a City by night ?

  • Posted on marzo 28, 2013 at 12:53 pm

Do you prefer a city by day? or city by night?

We all make always our own special choices…
One day, you start looking pictures and getting information about a wonderful city…. and immediately you begin to feel a deep interest to see it in real.
So you go to that place.

Well you get 2 options.   Making a  visit  by day , or a visit by night?
What do you prefer?

I start with the city by night…. going to the city in a car, and get flashed and impressed for the wonderful  illumination of the city….! Oh my God, I got impressed.
It’s an architectural  jewel…. might be the . the most beautiful i’ve  ever visited…
So I might be getting the superficial  impression of this city.   … yeah ! . 🙂

Then you have the second  option.   A  city tour by day !
So you might be walking around the area, visiting every single street, every corner by detail, entering the museums, the shops. and admiring the architecture of this city.
Actually you’ll get a deep knowledge about this place.   You get the real impression… this is a magical place… a wonderful place… or simply NO,.. this is really nothing i like.

Is this similar as meeting people by day and by night?

What do you prefer?
By night , a flashy make up, dressed up to go out… uaoh you see a jewel 🙂
Conversation could be superficial, but very important… so then you see if this new contact is entering  your life or not.

But When you decide to meet the person by day,  you will get the real knowledge…Less make up, Could be casual dressed, casual behavior, relaxed conversation.

Then you could observe much more details like the skin, the eyes, the hair, the expression of the face and the body, the posture,…. do you like it or not ?

Of course the conversation will tell a lot more during the day, when the person is fresh in life ….or could be stressed for work or personal situations.
This is a most approximated impression of the reality.

Do you want to try your self…. this time be conscious of getting the details 🙂

Have you ever done a city tour?


  • Posted on marzo 21, 2013 at 4:28 pm

Cuando venimos al mundo, todos venimos con las capacidades para enfrentar y responder a las situaciones que la vida nos presenta.

Con el paso del tiempo, nos vamos adaptando a situaciones, nos moldemos de acuerdo a la cultura, y a la educación que otros han preparado para nosotros. decor

Llega un momento en la vida en que nos vemos enfrentados a situaciones que no sabemos como resolver,

y nos vemos en conflicto.

Es ahí donde debemos desafiarnos a desarrollar nuestra creatividad.

La creatividad es más que una necesidad. Es una gran aventura, es un placer.

Ella nace de muy dentro de tí, pues en tu interior están todos los recursos necesarios para crear.

Si reconoces tu capacidad creativa, te dejas guiar por tu artista interior,

y es allí donde empiezas a generar nuevas ideas, las transformas hasta realizar tus propias creaciones.

Los resultados que vamos a obtener serán de acuerdo a las ideas que tengas por lo cual debes cuidar aquello que te permites pensar.

Si dejas guiar tu pensamiento creativo con sensibilidad, empezamos a sentir las necesidades exteriores,

es decir que es lo que necesita el mundo y de esta manera empezamos a crear un mundo más justo,

más humano, más constructivo y feliz.

Sientes la necesidad de desarrollar tu creatividad?… desear ver el lado positivo de las cosas?  …… contácteme,

con mucho gusto  podemos concretar una cita y un plan de acción.

Telf: + 32 494 486164